Cover reveal: PRECISE by Rebecca Berto

It’s a fact: crazy writer people are the best kind of people. Okay, outside of my own experience I may not have a whole heap of evidence to back that up, but I still think it’s true. Sometimes, you don’t even have to personally know the crazy writer person in question; just stalk them in a non-threatening manner through their blog.

Case in point = me and the lovely Rebecca Berto. I found her blog early 2012 and decided to add her to my Ones to Stalk list. Her posts were clear, relevant and contained stacks of useful information that I’m sure were of benefit to many writers. I even eventually graduated from Casual Page Stalker to Occasional Commenter and then *gasp* Actual Conversationalist. And now, I think it’s safe to say I have the credentials to rate Rebecca as a crazy-writer-all-round-good kind of girl.

Which is why I am SO excited to be able to reveal to you the cover for her debut novelette…

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you PRECISE, book one in the PULLING ME UNDER series.

How exactly did this first-time author develop her cover idea? The help of a professional designer was needed; and guru Silviya Yordanova as “Morteque” was just that, allowing Rebecca to eventualise her vision.

“I told Silviya that I wanted a woman reflecting on something that would show a connection to a child,” Rebecca says. “I came up with a drawing that unfortunately looked something like a five-year-old drew, but she suggested great ideas. The broken glass and the “blue” look to the image is all her.”

It was important to Rebecca that the cover was closely linked to her content, resulting in an overall look that reflects her novelette, right down to the font used. “I wanted to show how the title, PRECISE fit into this cover too. So to show this I asked Silviya to have PRECISE cracked. The result is literally a picture that tells a story. It shows the broken, emotional kind of story this book is about. I sort of stare at it all day long.”

PRECISE: book one in the PULLING ME UNDER series

Katie Anselin is a newlywed and hubby, Paul, is her life. He’s the only one who knows her family’s history and makes her finally feel happy—until the day she discovers she’s fallen pregnant.

See, before Katie had her first best friend, she’d been taught by her mom that she killed her siblings—that she was the cause of mother Rochelle’s miscarriages. Katie has grown up thinking she shouldn’t be happy when she’s caused her mom so much pain.

Still, Katie can’t imagine killing the beautiful life inside her, which occurs at the same time Rochelle starts skipping her medication. Hell hath no fury like Rochelle with a vengeance to make Katie pay for ruining her life.

In Rochelle’s quest for power, Katie and Paul’s baby is the pawn.

PRECISE will be on sale November, 2012. Stay in touch with Rebecca Berto though her website, twitter or facebook and add PRECISE on Goodreads using the button below.  


4 thoughts on “Cover reveal: PRECISE by Rebecca Berto

  1. Thank you heaps for putting this up so quickly! You’re the first blogger up.

    Buuutttt, the BEST part of this is the article you wrote. Do you have any idea how humbling it is to have you write this post about me? Thank you so much, Lauren.

    I am so glad you kept coming back to my blog. I’m only sorry we didn’t *properly* chat until, like, a few weeks ago.

    Much love! xoxo

      • I can’t believe I was the THIRD first blog you followed. Thank you!

        I am feeling like a very weird human today. Imagine how giddy I’ll be when I get my first book sale?

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