Pitcharama: the latest, greatest pitch contest

I’m lucky enough to be a part of a group blog consisting of myself and seven other very good Australian writers (it’s all about the company you keep, right?). And, because these other writers are indeed such specimens of fabulousness, they have organised a very exciting pitch contest for all the YA and NA writers out there. (Oh, alright… I helped a little!)

Introducing…. PITCHARAMA!


The details;

June 14: Pitcharama first round opens

June 20: Pitch Your Mate round

June 25: Announcement of 30 through to the editor round

June 28: Editor Round!

You’ll need to format your entry like so.

Manuscript Title:

Author: (needed for Pitch Your Mate)

Age group: (YA/NA)


Word count:

250 word blurb:

Pitch Your Mate

In this round you will pitch your mate in the comments section of the Aussie Owned Blog. 5 pitches will make it through to the editor round. Not only will your mate love you forever if you score them an editor request, but we’ll be rewarding the mate with the most requests a prize—cause you’re such a good mate and all. Good on ya!


In this round, you’ll pitch on your own blog. We’ll have a linky list here on Aussie Owned you’ll need to join. The Aussie Owned Team will be visiting all the blogs on the list between the 14th and 16th June. Each of us get 3 picks. So that will be a total of 24 pitches through to the editor round.

The final score

Editors from over six small publishing houses will peruse the Aussie Owned blog for our selected pitches (plus the Pitch Ya Mate winners) and request to see more of works that appeal to their publishing houses.

It’s like a line to the front of the slush pile! Good times 🙂

So keep your eyes on the Aussie Owned and Read blog for more competition details. Oh, and throw another snag on the barbie, why doncha?!


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