Thursday’s Children: The Great Outdoors

thurschilbadgejpgI’m new to the land of Thursday’s Children, but love the concept of writing about things you find inspiring.

For my first Thursday’s Children, I’m choosing The Great Outdoors. No, I’m not referring to the television show (although I have previously crushed on one of the male presenters!), but the actual outdoors. Being outside.

Whenever I get stuck in a writing or editing rut, I leave the house. With my two awesome puppies by my side, I go for a walk and just clear my head. It’s amazing what a good dose of fresh air can do!

Not only does this drive me to start work again but, sometimes, the walk itself can provide a source of inspiration. Here is a list of things that have happened to me on walks during the past two months:

1. I witnessed a manhunt for an escaped robber and walked past policemen, police dogs, police choppers and police cars (this walk was then cancelled. Promptly).

2. A group of six cute old men voted me ‘Friendliest Girl on the Waterfront’.

3. I saw a guy steal a rooster.

Mr Rooster? Is that you?

Mr Rooster? Is that you?
Photo: Big Stock Photo

4. I heard a rooster crow repeatedly at 5am and wondered if it was a cry for help (sometimes I need an inspiration walk early).

5. I saw a group of people dressed in white, holding hands around a bonfire on the beach while chanting.

See? Not only is the fresh air doing me inspirational wonders, but it’s adding to my material, too! In fact, if I just walked a bit more and worked a little less, surely I’d get more done . . . right?

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13 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children: The Great Outdoors

  1. Wow… your experiences while walking would make great additions for a story… scary about the robber, but so funny about the rooster:)

  2. First off, welcome to Thursday’s Children! It’s always a delight to meet another inspired writer 🙂

    I love the outdoors as well. If I hit a dry spot in my writing, more often than not I’ll pop my son in the carseat and head to the beach. Or the mountains. We’re fortunate to have access to both where I live.

    Great post! Look forward to checking in each week!

  3. Where the heck do you live?! I want to live there too!
    Are you sure he was stealing the rooster? I get paid to take a friend’s dog for a walk twice a week. Could he have just been taking the rooster for a walk? 😛

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