Thursday’s Children: Tough Times

thurschilbadgejpgI know this seems like a weird thing to get inspired by. After all, who gets inspired by tough times? But hear me out. I have a loose rationale.

I consider myself very blessed in life. I am healthy, I have two gorgeous puppies/fur-children, I have a handsome fiance (shoulda listed that before the puppies, huh?) and a calendar full of bookings for my freelance manuscript editing work in the month ahead. How lucky am I?

But, sometimes, it’s hard not to sweat the small stuff. This week, I’ve had some tough times. I’ve had to deal with some career uncertainty in my magazine work, someone ran into the back of my car and I lost my laptop. Oh. And those two small animals I love so dearly ate the middle cushion of the couch.

Nothing major there, right? But everything together made the world seem impossible, like I was climbing the world’s highest mountain and I’d never reach the top.

Then you know what happened? What fixed it all? No, it wasn’t drinking a bottle of wine and eating a tub of ice cream.

(Although I tried those things too, and they didn’t hurt the situation)

Oh, hey there impossibly high mountains. Don't mind if I do! Photo: Big Stock Photo

Oh, hey there, impossibly high mountains. Don’t mind if I do!
Photo: Big Stock Photo

I slept.

I woke up.

And I came out FIGHTING!

I tapped those little keys on my (spare) laptop with all the attitude of a Kung-Fu fighter.

“Let’s dance,” I told the world. “I’m gonna get you back by writing ALL THE WORDS!”

And I did. I wrote, and wrote and wrote, and at some point I stopped being angry and started to get inspired. There was so much potential and opportunity out there, and my words could make it all happen.

Sometimes the tough times are what we need to get to the greener meadow times.

Now, excuse me while I sit on the floor next to my cushion-less chair and keep on, keepin’ on…

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8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children: Tough Times

  1. It’s amazing how a string of little negative events can just take you down, step by step. And how fabulous doing something you love can bring you right back on top. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Seems as though you and I had a common theme (besides inspiration) this week! I also have 2 puppies, I guess they aren’t technically puppies since they celebrated their 2nd birthday July 9, but they are Jack Russells, so they never truly grow up…

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