Thursday’s Children: Duck Voice

thurschilbadgejpgThis Thursday, I’m finding inspiration in duck voice.

I’ve been feeling really desperate to write recently, and am constantly running into that big, brick wall: time. In between editing a magazine and now, the recent influx of freelance novel editing work I’ve undertaken (which I love, by the way — it’s definitely my dream job!) and packing my house for a move, switching bank accounts and cleaning the house/doing groceries/making the occasional grunt at my fiance, I feel like I don’t have any time to write.

However, this has turned me into a crazy person. Now I’m making up short stories and recounting them to my partner.

Only, they’re not so much stories, as voices.

Voices for ducks.

For example, this morning I saw a group of four ducks huddled on the sand at the beach. One was walking toward the waves, stopping every few seconds to glance back and check the other ducks were still looking.

“Go on, Vern! It was your idea to go to the beach! You said you wanted to go swimming, didn’t you?”

Or on the weekend, when I was running toward some ducks with my two dogs.

“Move out of the way, move out of the way!”

“No, I’m going to lure that dumb dog over here. She’s on a lead. She’s going to try make a run for me, go snap around in a circle and land in that puddle.”

-duck silence-

“Quack, quack-quack-quack-quack-quack!” (Neighbouring ducks burst into laughter as my dog does just that)

Ducks. I'm making voices for ducks. Photo: Big Stock Photo

Ducks. I’m making voices for ducks.
Photo: Big Stock Photo

Sadly, I saw a dead duck (and a whole lot of feathers) in a nearby neighbour’s yard, a dog grinning proudly above it. At first, I was sad. Then I saw other ducks nearby and realised that, really, this was probably a deal they’d struck with the dog.

“You give us free reign to parade in front of your house all year and, every twelve months, we’ll present you with a sacrifical offering. Just go easy on the barking for the other eleven months, so we don’t have heart attacks and all die.”

The moral to this story? I’m really grateful that, even in this time of chaos, I have that.

Oh, and ducks.

I’m inspired by ducks.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children: Duck Voice

  1. I’m sorry things have been so crazy for you. I hope you get to edit full time soon, and then you can use any extra time to write again. Before you start making voices for too many other things and the men with the self-hugging jacket come. 😉

  2. LOL. I can certainly relate to the craziness-inducing element of moving. Ducks are funny birds and you wouldn’t be the first writer who’s inspired by the animal kingdom 😉 My husband and I constantly talk in the voices of our two doggies, but he’s way better at it than I am.

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