Thursday’s Children: Inspired by Love

thurschilbadgejpgIn this Thursday’s Children instalment, I am inspired by love. Yep, get ready for me to act all gooey and gushy: I’m talking about my fiancé.

He constantly inspires me with his ability to love. Not only did I trick him into loving me forever and ever (although, I shouldn’t count my chickens; we’re not down the aisle yet!) but his daily expressions of love blow me away.

Recently, he went to a work function that took place at several bars in the city. When he stumbled home a little bit intoxicated at around 1am he flopped down in bed beside me for yet another love inspiring chat.

Fiancé: Hello, lover.

Me: Ugh (read: I’m sleeping. 1am is almost closer to the time I wake than when I go to bed. Stop talking to me).

Fiancé: You would have loved it there tonight.

(I smile and open my eyes. That’s so thoughtful.)

Fiancé: I really wish you could have come.

(I roll over, feelings of warmth and love washing over me. What a great guy! This is why I’m going to marry him, he misses me when I’m not there, and–)

Fiancé: But you’re not eighteen and you have four legs, so you probably couldn’t even come in. Gosh, you’re such a great dog, Danger.

(my jaw drops. What. The. Hell??)

I mean, she's cute. But COME ON!!

I mean, she’s cute. But COME ON!!

Fiancé: Babe, if we open a bar, can dogs be allowed?

So this is the man whose love I’m inspired by. I’m inspired in the sense that his love clearly knows no bounds, and that’s the kind of emotion I want my characters to have.

I’m also inspired by my ability not to throttle him for loving our pet more than me. After all, it’d be that much harder to write the next big bestseller from prison.

Sadly, this is the last Thursday’s Children post. A huge thank you to Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and Kristina Perez for creating this fun event. Make sure you check out their new project, CriTiKi Lounge, and for more posts on this week’s Thursday’s Children and what’s inspiring them, check out the linky here.

While you’re here, want to sign up for my cover reveal on August 30? There will be a prize, and a pretty cover, and virtual cupcakes. Here’s the form–you know you want to! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children: Inspired by Love

  1. Aw, men who freely confess their affection for pets are the best! Sometimes I DO wonder if my hubs loves our girl Jack Russell more than he loves me. Good point about writing from prison though. Thanks for making me laugh!

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