Finding Home goes on tour!

Sorry to spam you all with this book thing I’m releasing, but I wanted to let you know I’m taking Finding Home on tour! I’ll be out and about with my book over the next fortnight, visiting some great blogs and offering some great prizes, so if you want to know things about my writing journey, sex and booze in YA, how I created the characters and who I would swap lives with for a day if I could, then make sure you check out these awesome stops:

Monday, October 7: Cassandra Page

Tuesday, October 8: K.A. Last & Rebecca Berto

Wednesday, October 9: Down Under Wonderings

Thursday, October 10: Vegan YA Nerds

Friday, October 11: Dreams About Writing

Saturday, October 12: Stacey Nash

Sunday, October 13: Kara Leigh Miller

Monday, October 14: The Loony Teen Writer

Tuesday, October 15: The Paris Carter

Wednesday, October 16: Roberta’s Dream World

Thursday, October 17: YAtopia

Friday, October 18: Lola’s Book Reviews & The Scribbling Post

Saturday, October 19: Katie Teller’s Stories


And remember, what goes on tour, stays on tour…well, except for on these virtual tours on the internet. Then, there’s no secrets.

See ya ’round!


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