Tom Clancy: the passing of a good author

It saddened me greatly to learn that bestselling author Tom Clancy passed away this week. At the relatively young age of 66, he died in hospital for as yet unclear reasons.

I’ve loved Clancy’s work for around seventeen years. His were some of the first ‘grown-up’ books I ever read at the ripe old age of thirteen, along with pieces by Clive Cussler and Dale Brown (yes, I was raiding my dad’s bookshelf).

Since then, Clancy became one of my guilty secrets. Sure, I read popular fiction, YA, romance, thrillers and whatever is going around, but for some reason, Clancy’s writing just excited me! I loved the complexity of his novels, the layers of intrigue and the charm of his leading men.

Clancy was famous for his extensive research. When it came to his writing, he was a member of the school that said writing was all about working hard, not about luck; and, with over seventeen novels in print to date, he’s certainly proved this adage to be true.


For me, one of the greatest lessons we can all learn from Clancy is to keep writing. Do your research; work hard; and don’t think literary fame and acclaim is something that’s just going to land in your lap.

Photo: Gary Wayne Gilbert, Wiki Commons

Photo: Gary Wayne Gilbert, Wiki Commons

Clancy’s  book dream was simply to publish a book that would end up in the Library of Congress catalogue; and, with a string of bestsellers and four movies under his belt, it’s fair to say “Mission accomplished” when it comes to that.

My condolences to the friends and family of Clancy, and any writers and readers who are also mourning his passing; he was a talented author, and one who I will definitely miss.


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