2013: AKA Year of Awesome

I hate to set something up to fail; and that’s how I feel, posting about the awesome-sauce that was 2013 as we head into the year that follows. After all, surely something bad has to follow something quite so epic, right?

Epic? Might seem a little extreme. But seriously, I feel absolutely blessed this year, and here’s why:

1. I published my first ever book! Escape Publishing, a Harlequin Australia imprint, publishing Finding Home, my first novel–and I never, EVER in my wildest dreams thought that would happen. To think someone thinks my book is good enough to buy on Amazon is amazing; to think a publisher sees it as viable? Holy meatballs! Amazing. So stoked that this would ever happen to me.

2. I launched my freelance editing business. I started this as a serious pursuit in July, and I am stoked to say not only have I had the pleasure of editing several Amazon bestsellers, I’ve become booked out for months in advance and, most importantly, I’ve made some of the most AMAZING friends a girl could ever wish for. I won’t name you all, but you know who you are… Rebecca, obviously a given, but so many others, including Bella, Roberta, Carmen, Missy, Simone… You guys are just rad! And everyone else I didn’t mention who knows I love them. Which is probably you if you’re reading this.
I also won an award for my magazine editing, Runner Up Editor of the Year, which is an amazing honour, and I’m quietly stoked and feeling evil that I tricked Publishers Australia into bestowing said award.

3. I launched a group blog, Aussie Owned & Read, and in doing so, met more SUPER AWESOME WRITER FRIENDS! My AO&R girls are the best! Special mention of course goes to Stacey Nash, my Aussie blog partner-in-crime (and massive writing talent). And also to Kim, Sharon, Cass, Emily, Suse and Katie, as well as newcomers Caitlin and Heather. You guys are all amazing, and I can’t believe you want to be my friend!

4. Last, but certainly not least . . . in 2013, my gorgeous boyfriend and I bought a house. And then, he proposed to me . Not to mention cooked me countless dinners, made me all the cocktails and let me talk out every single novel idea till it was all but written (and trust me, the time that takes is ridiculous!). He also gave me advice on how to defeat killer dragonflies and didn’t break up with me, even when I got super mad at him for what will forever be known as The Great Electric Blanket Debate. Or the Great Super Mario debate. I think what you can garner from this is that he forgives me a lot.

So as you can see, it’s going to be pretty hard to too the year that was. But knowing there’s rad author events, a self-publishing journey, more editing clients and a wedding to look forward to, I’m quietly confident. Now, where’s that bridal magazine . . .



8 thoughts on “2013: AKA Year of Awesome

  1. Wow Lauren, you have had a good year. I really enjoy finding home and when you get your second book published I’ll read it. Congratulations on all the editing achievements and on the proposal. I pray that 2014 will be even better for you.

  2. You really are amazing, and when you sum up your last year it becomes so clear! I don’t know how you keep going sometimes, but you always do! Hope you have an awesome 2014, as I know you will! šŸ˜€

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