Cover reveal: The Problem With Crazy (my next book!)

I am so excited to share with you all the cover for my second ever book, The Problem With Crazy. I’m self-publishing this book, and cannot wait to share it with you, mostly because it is a book that deals with a serious illness that I believe doesn’t get enough attention in the media today; that’s why I’ll be donating a portion of sales to a charity that supports it (more details to come).

I’m also excited about this one as I can honestly say I’ve sweated, drank and even bled (once, when I tripped over the computer power lead) for this book; it’s got my everything in it.

So, without further ado … here is the cover for The Problem With Crazy!

Close portrait

I have to thank the cover’s amazing designer, my good friend and talented designer Rebecca Berto, of Berto Designs. If you need a cover, you should definitely check her out. She’s patient as a saint, and skilled to boot!

And now, some more about the book:

Genre:  NA Contemporary Romance
Word count: Approx 82,000
Release date: February 13, 2014

The Problem With Crazy

The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can be good crazy, bad crazy . . . or crazy crazy—like it was when my ex-boyfriend sung about me on the radio.

Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn’t be more excited about finishing high school and spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend’s band. Her dad showing up drunk at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot—and that’s before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in death.
A mystery illness she is likely to inherit.
When your whole life goes from adventure and ecstasy to sad and suicidal, what’s the point? Not knowing who to love, and who to trust . . . where does it end?

The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life; about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever. 


Or, sign up now to pre-order your paperback copy for the special release price of $12 + postage OR $12 only with pick-up at the Indie Authors Down Under event on the Gold Coast this March. 

AND ATTENTION, BLOGGERS:  Sign up for my Release Day Blitz here, or, if you wish to receive and eARC of The Problem With Crazy for review, please sign up here.


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