Celebrating Aus Blog Hop: Three Of My Favourite Aussie Things

In celebration of Aussie Owned and Read, a group blog I am a part of, turning one, I’ve joined in the Celebrating Aus Blog Hop. Make sure you read through till the end to check out info on how you can win some great prizes and visit the other blogs on the linky list.

It’s Australia Day here in the land Down Under, a day when we celebrate all that is Aussie by eating our national food (the BBQ) and participating in our national activity (beer drinking).

There’s often some controversy surrounding this day of our nation’s birth. Too much ‘Aussie pride’ can be a bad thing, and Australia Day has been known to incite racism and intolerance against not just some of our newer citizens, but some who lived in this country long before us convicts even arrived.

We’re known as a group of bogans who like playing sport and surfing; but, the Australian literature scene is rapidly growing, and we’re quickly making a name for ourselves in the marketplace. Here are three of my favourite books by Australian authors, and why:

book thief

Marcus Zusak, The Book Thief This was a book I read before I even knew Zusak was Australia. I loved everything about it; his world-building is phenomenal, and he transports the reader to another place entirely. The lead characters, the scent of death hanging in the air, the accessible language that made you think, but didn’t make you work … I can’t say enough good things about this book. I will definitely be seeing it at the movies sometime soon.


John Marsden, So Much To Tell You I know I harp on about John Marsden a lot, but seriously, the guy has the goods! He’s perhaps best-known for his Tomorrow When The War Began series, which I absolutely loved, but another title of his I adored and that spoke to me the most as a teenager was So Much To Tell You
   When I read this book, it felt like, in a way, I was finally being exposed to something that was real. That the world was a dark and scary place, and people hurt, they did bad things, and they got through it. I was captivated by the way Marsden was really able to suck you into the protagonist’s mind, and to this day I still pick this novel up for a quick reread.

Kate Forsyth, Dragonclaw
 I used to love speculative fiction, and I can pinpoint the time when I went from flirting with it, to full-blown obsession–and it was with this book, Dragonclaw, by Kate Forsyth.
Forsyth is perhaps one of Australia’s most prolific fantasy writers, and has a long career spanning twenty-nine books! The first title I read of hers, Dragonclaw, sucked me right in. It was the first book in The Witches of Eileanan series, which I then proceeded to devour.
What I loved most about her work, was how great she was at developing characters that sprung to life from the page, that made you fall in love with them and understand their quests, their trials and tribulations. She’s one Australian author I need to read a lot more of, as from what I’ve heard, Forsyth has gone from strength to strength.

Want to win some prizes?
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