Guest post: Saying Goodbye To Your Characters

Today, it is my pleasure to have my good friend and fellow Aussie Owned and Read blogger Katie Hamstead on the blog, celebrating the final instalment in her Kiya series. Here she will talk about saying goodbye to your characters. Thanks again, Katie.

Kiya-m4With Kiya: Rise of a New Dynasty being the last of the Kiya trilogy, in a sense, I am saying goodbye to these characters. Months, even years have passed since I first began conjuring this series. From the first glimmer of an idea as a high school student, to research and studying not only the period, but the art of writing, I have poured so much time, emotion and myself into this series.

Mostly, I have learned to love the characters. They have filled my heart as I have worked through drafting, refining, editing. As I wrote the story, their personalities often took lives all of their own as the characters, in many ways, wrote their own stories.

But now, all the work is over.

I can visit them if I want in the pages of my books, but it won’t be the same. No more tweaks, no more changes, no more spontaneous scene adding. But I couldn’t be prouder of what the Kiya Trilogy has become. It is exactly how I wanted it; something anyone could read and kindle a curiosity to look into history on their own. When readers say they look up the real people who my characters are based on after reading; that is the best thing I could ever hear. That’s what I wanted.

Although I am done writing and publishing it, I hope this trilogy continues to grow and fill people’s hearts like it has mine. The best thing about a book is that it is never goodbye forever.

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