Life, Edits & Book Me Now For August (please)

I feel like it has been AGES since I published a blog post that was a little personal so here I am, 11pm on a Friday night, jotting down some things!

First, it has been a crazy busy year. I know everyone always says it, but can you believe it’s May? Where has the time gone …

I am now enjoying life as a full-time contract editor which is as scary as it is enjoyable. Luckily, I have a whole heap of fabulous clients who certainly know how to keep me busy, but I am having to learn how to say no a lot more, which is proving to be a challenge for me!


Another thing I’m doing is getting married! I’m really excited about this for the obvious reasons, one of which being I tricked a lovely man into thinking I’m worth putting up with through thick and thin, but trying to find the time to plan this stuff is hard. And trying to find a way to incorporate novels into our wedding is harder (although one of my bridesmaids did find a gorgeous idea for a book-related table runner … but I digress).

Anyway, this has all resulted in me needing to close my books for the month of September while I get a ring put on it and then take a little holiday somewhere. And, since I’m already booked through July, that means if you’re interested in my services for August and then October onwards, I’m currently taking reservations, holding hands and offering virtual cupcakes to anyone who books in now.

I hope your May is awesome-sauce! Let me know what you’ve all been up to 🙂



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