That time I went to the National Book Blogger Forum

This week, I was lucky enough to attend the National Book Blogger Forum, mainly in support of a group blog I’m a part of, Aussie Owned and Read. We’re a NA/YA site focusing on reviews, news and all things teen lit.

This event was really inspiring. I’ve been a little (read: a lot) sucky when it comes to blogging lately. I’ve been so irregular that if blogging were another Nature’s way of telling me I’m not pregnant, I’d be knocked up and ready to publicly announce.

That’s partly why I enjoyed this event so much. It made me so excited to blog again, to get back on social media, to do things well: but to accept that I can’t do ALL the things ALL the time.

sneh coverI also met some lovely people, which was a huge bonus, and got to listen to the adorable Sneh Roy from Cook Republic talk about her book to blog experience. She even made us morning tea–which in turn made me want to buy her amazing looking cookbook. Check it out.

On top of that, there were some interesting facts learned from the Random Penguin team. They informed us that Australians are some of the biggest readers in the world; and that eBooks now account for approximately twenty per cent of their sales. They were also really honest with some of their social media strategy.

Possibly the best part was hearing about some of their upcoming releases. There are some great new books coming soon from Penguin and Random House, including NAME, one for the The Fault in Our Stars lovers, and Masquerade, a book that travels back in time and overseas.

The team were all so generous with their time–and with their goodie bags! We received some fantastic books I can’t wait to read and review, plus a super pretty hardback copy of Looking for Alibrandi. Yay! I adore this book!


Overall, it was a great half day. I left feeling inspired. I can do this! I can blog again … Right?

How about you? What was the last thing that had you inspired to blog or comment on social media?


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