Let’s Make It Count (word numbers matter)

I’m lucky enough to be a writer and an editor. Also, just like everybody else, I work, I have family and social commitments, and two slightly crazy dogs who keep me occupied with glamorous tasks such as cleaning up doggy-do, cleaning up pieces of their destroyed toys, and occasionally cleaning up pieces of my clothing and shoes. Okay, so maybe not everyone has that last problem.

Regardless, I know how darn hard it is to find the time to write, especially when some days, you finish all your tasks, and you just want to collapse and zone out in front of the TV or the latest book.

She's cute as a button, she eats socks alive.

She’s cute as a button, she eats socks alive.

So, in an effort to help keep myself a little more accountable, and my lovely author clients, and hell, ANYONE who writes — that’s correct, you don’t need to be a client to play — I’ve started a Facebook group. Every Sunday evening/Monday morning, all the members who are writing can plug in what they’d like to achieve for the week, and at the end of the week, I’ll check in and we can see how you went. It’s about feeling accountable, but it’s more than that. It’s about encouraging other like-minded authors, it’s about feeling less alone in what can be a tough and solitary profession — and it’s also about cute pics of puppies and possibly good-looking guys. Because, well, that’s just how a lot of authors I know roll!

So, if you would like to join, here is the link to McStellar’s Number Achievers. We’re a friendly bunch, we only bite when asked, and we’re going to write ALL THE WORDS. So look out 🙂


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