Plotting My Life (upcoming releases)

I’m a plotter. Sure, I deviate sometimes, but by and large, I work out where I want to go, what I want to happen along the way. Then I scrap it, add bits, change things, ask for feedback and rework, but by method, I plan.

This carries over into my everyday. In the morning, when I wake up, I write a To-Do list. (Makes sense; I could hardly write one in my sleep). This is in addition to my weekly and fortnightly goals, scribbled on my blackboard under their relevant categories of editing, writing, marketing and other, my monthly goals, penned down on my desk calendar, and my professional career markers, drawn up nicely in a PowerPoint presentation.

Yep. I like the lists, and the organising, and the planning. And the dreaming.

But what I’ve discovered is, no matter how much of a plotter and organiser you can be in fiction, sometimes life just won’t let you follow your plans. I know this sounds like I’m making excuses–and hell, I’m a big believer in making the time to write–but I’m not a big believer in choosing my passion of creating fictional worlds over my family. Because family comes first.

I had planned on having The Problem With Heartache, what was to be the second book in the Crazy in Love series, out in June. Then it was July.

And then, a whole heap of things happened. I left my job, to pursue life as a self-employed editor. A close family member got sick; as a result, we moved our wedding date forward. Another family member’s career meant we had to move the wedding forward again.

All of sudden, it was August 20, four days prior to my wedding. Not only did I not even have the draft for my next novel done, I didn’t have a plan. Hell, at that point, I didn’t even have a wedding dress.

Luckily, everything worked out. I got a dress. The people I love and care about were all able to see me on my wedding day, and even though not all of them are still with us now, we will miss and love them always.

I got so busy with work, and family, and MARRYING THIS GUY, I ran out of book-writing time :( I'm sorry. Photo: Linda Coy

I got so busy with work, and family, and MARRYING THIS GUY, I ran out of book-writing time 😦 I’m sorry.
Photo: Linda Coy

And, finally–finally–I drafted the next book in the Crazy in Love series, and have started working on the third book too. Eleven Weeks (goodreads link here), the story of Stacey and Michael, will be released in January, with The Problem With Heartache (goodreads link here) to follow the month after that.

I have been so blessed to have so many fabulous people sending me so many lovely messages of support after reading The Problem With Crazy. I was lucky enough to have a lot of people like this book and believe in it–and I am so freaking grateful to each and every one of you! You guys rock, you know that?

I’m really looking forward to sharing these books with anyone who enjoyed The Problem With Crazy, and I want to extend my sincere apology once more for making you wait so long. Thank you for being patient, and for hopefully not giving up on me (but it’s okay if you have, of course). Sometimes, life can get in the way.


One thought on “Plotting My Life (upcoming releases)

  1. It’s not like you haven’t been busy. But then, if you’re anything like me, you probably get grouchy if you don’t write for a while! Best get back on the horse, for your new hubby’s sake if nothing else!

    I’m so sorry about you loosing a loved one though. Hugs. 😦

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