LM#3 – NA Contemporary Romance/BREAKING UP WITH BEDFORD



NA Contemporary Romance

81,000 words

PITCH: Reclusive 20yo DANA masks her pain advising angsty teens online but has bigger dreams. When a blind date develops into more, and contacting a client becomes frontpage news, she’s forced to face life. Head on.

IF YOUR MC WAS AN EASTER EGG, WHAT FLAVOUR WOULD HE/SHE BE: Duh, it’s sugar, right? Any flavour.


Another Monday, another episode in My Super Thrilling Life. Yawn. The inbox on my computer heaves with new e-mails–more teenage drama and angst to be dealt with. Some of these people deserve their own TV show they have so much excitement going on. Tears? Trauma? Piece of cake. Cressida Winstanley, anonymous advice maven extraordinaire thrives on them.

What is it about weekends? It’s like a tsunami of stupidity whirls out of my website with each new Monday. Does every teenager in Britain go batshit crazy and lose the plot on Saturday and Sunday? Are they all looking for a superhero to rescue them from their screw-ups?

Hi Cress,

How dumb am I? Me and Gemma went to a party and hooked up with some guys we didn’t know and got well drunk. I think maybe I had sex with one of them. I can’t remember, coz I was so drunk, but I know SOMETHING BAD happened. Gem doesn’t know what happened neither—we can’t even remember how we got home. I can’t tell my parents. They’d freak; they think I’m perfect. I’ve never done IT before, and now I can’t sleep, and I feel so gross thinking about it. I don’t know what to do.


Hi Evie,

Go to your doctor. TODAY. Get an emergency appointment. He should be able to tell you if you had sex or not. If it’s not too late, ask about the 72-hour pill. If there’s anything wrong, he’ll be able to sort you out quickly. Provided you’re over fourteen and he thinks you’re mature enough, what you say will be confidential and won’t get to your parents unless you want it to.

I hope it works out.


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