NestPitch: It’s Here

Welcome to the agent round of #Nestpitch. I’ve loved being a mentor in this fabulous competition, organised by the lovely Nikola Vukoja. During this 24-hour period, only agents will be able to comment on these posts and make special requests for more material, using this easter-themed code:

Choc. egg basket w/ ribbon                  Full
Choc. egg basket                    Query + 150 pages + 1 page Synopsis
3 Boxes Caramel eggs                   Query + 100 pages
2 Boxes Caramel eggs                   Query + 75 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1 Box Caramel eggs                    Query + 50 pages
1 doz. nougat filled Choc. eggs                   Query + 25 pages + 1 page Synopsis
½ doz. nougat filled Choc. eggs                   Query + 20 pages
1x nougat filled Choc. egg                   Query + 15 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1 doz. hollow Choc eggs                   Query + 10 pages
½ doz. hollow Choc eggs                   Query + 5 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1x hollow Choc egg                   Query + 5 pages

Of course, I’m heading up #TeamHotCrossBooks, and I have to give a shout out to my two AMAZING slush readers, Karen McCoy and Tracy Joyce. They really made this process fun, and helped me choose and then hone the three FABULOUS entries for #TeamHotCross Books.

The other teams are:

The agent round will begin 8.30 am EST (USA) and go on for 24 hours.
Be SURE to look at the main Nest Pitch blog which has all the information you’ll ever need about what’s happening. You can also comment on any posts there, if you want to cheer on contestants or simply check out what’s going on!
So, without further ado, let’s get to it! And GO #TEAMHOTCROSSBOOKS!

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